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 Morgan H. Bailey 3-D


This was my project for FA 495: Game Design. We were taksed with coming up with a concept for a game then creating sprites for a level, a hero character, 

two enemies and a boss. The concept behind my game was a world war between science and magic set in the relativly near future of  2112.


Kit Bash Gun


      The Goal of this project was to find images of random items from the internet and ,using Photoshop, combine them into a gun. After that I used Maya to create a 3-D model of the gun. 

     I wanted the gun to have the appearance of something that was still in development, So I gave it heat sinks on the sides and an exposed power source.

Project Luna


     This work is from my first independent study. A student working in Computer Science named Alex was developing a code that would mimic gravity in a vacuum allowing objects in a paradigm to have a gravitational pull depending on their size; he wanted to make a game using this code and I volunteered to design and model assets for the game. In many ways it was kind of like my first job.

      I would draw up designs and get approval on them from Alex then move on to modeling them. I still had to keep my professor up to date on my progress and fill out a final report, but for the most part I was left to my own devices, and expected to set and meet my own deadlines.

Battle Bots

Blue Bomber

Rough Rider

Red Rocker

Drone 01


     These Models were designed during Game Design II. In that class we were put into groups of 3 and tasked with designing a game. My class mates and I decided to create a new version of "Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots". The first part of the game involved you scavenging parts for your robot and then after so many turns you would flip the board over for the combat section of the game.

     I designed and modeled pieces for the teams and their bots based off the teams motif; The team of soldiers had Blue Bomber, the team of roadies had Red Rocker, the team of engineers had Drone one, and the team of mechanics had Rough Rider.


     This was a project I did using a digital tutors lesson. The goal was to create a relatively simple model and then us the U.V. Mapping tool in Mudbox along with Photoshop give the model a texture. I wanted to give the model a personal flare so I changed the color scheme to and added the Fleur de Lis to the chest. I guess you could say I was "Showing my colors" with this project.

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Ghost Knight

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